Ayodhya Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. :- The family of coloured gemstone survived since the last two decades, but it’s inheritance that brought “Virendra Pawar” to exposure just in 1987. In a span of time he has made mind blowing assets by captivating aesthetic design to excite every imagination in KUNDAN, DIAMONDS, & VICTORIAN JEWELLERY. Our company is a professionally managed organization that respects transparent & Ethical business dealings.
A fleet of skilled craftsman is well equipped with the exquisite design to set our Jewellery class apart. Right from its inception the establishment believed in maintaining purity, Quality & Creativity, that blend rich cultural heritage with tradition. Its wide range of variety also proves to serve ground for the best & the latest collection of the charms. An invitation to our Royal Elegance for a glance. We look forward to your visit & hope that our creation will throw your heart with joy that goes into creating them.